An Erasmus+ Project

Empowering elderly adults in emotional selfcare and through the acquisition of digital skills and creativity

What is Integra_Lab+ about?

We want these seniors to have the necessary training and tools so that they emotionally recover from the situation they have experienced and establish the bases for their inclusive accessibility to new technologies.

Our target

Our target group is the elderly, but so are the workers and the entities with which the seniors must interact.

How will Integra_Lab+ achieve its mission?

The first is to reduce the digital gap that exists for older adults, not only in the learning processes, but also in the performance of their daily tasks.

To do this, we will develop training materials design pedagogies that guide them towards that process of continuous improvement and self-learning that involves staying up-to-date with new technologies.

To do this, we will develop a digital toolkit, a video library and a methodology adapted to the online training of older adults.

To follow the course, they will use a device for measuring bioindicators, which will not only generate qualitative information on the evolution of their health status before, during and after the course, but will also encourage them to stay connected and self-advised on their objectives and monitoring through the use of new technologies beyond the life of the project itself.

Second, we propose to work on emotional care from a perspective that can connect in a deeper and long-term way with older adults, and that is, through the use of creativity. Creativity will be worked from body expression, artistic expression, mental well-being and the importance of using psychological protective factors (self-concept, resilience, self- efficacy) as indicators to be taken into account in the design of our training sessions will be understood.

Working in this way will require an interconnection between the different guides that will be developed and therefore we propose including thematic internal webinar to reach a common understanding about our findings.

Two Universities are part of our consortium and as a result of exploring this multidisciplinary approach it will generate scientific results that will be presented at the First Congress Vulnerable Publics on Awareness of Emotional Care Through Creativity in Older Adults that UCM will lead.

Previous experience

In previous projects we have worked to integrate our results at other levels: for example, the Active I project (539664-LLP-1-2013-1-DE-GRUNDTVIG-GMP) where 4 of the partners in this proposal have been participants, we currently have the Pilot experience of the Active Recipe: where in the medical offices of the Villaquilambre City Council (Spain), rescribe sessions of the Active aging program to elderly patients with pathologies of hypertension, depression and overweight.

After the completion of Integra_Lab+ we will promote these channels and seek new ways of integrating our results.